Follow this tip to insure your order is sent to the correct address before hitting the submit button.

  1. Before adding items to your cart, make sure to select the correct shipto address. Check your cart is empty.
  2. Click on Your name or email at the top of the page:

  3. This will open a gray strip of fields above from which you can select the desired billing and Shipping address from the dropdowns.
  4. After selecting the address, the strip will dissapear. You are now ready to add items to cart and checkout.


Bonus Tip #1: On the last page of Checkout. The page with the button. Review the Billto and Shipto addresses, confirming these are correct.
Click on EDIT if it is wrong and select the correct address.


Bonus Tip #2: After you click on the button a pop-up will show to and ask for you to confirm the address and totals are correct.

If these are not correct hit CANCEL and change the field in question.