Conducting an Assessment


Like fingerprints, every company and every facility is different. Every building is a unique blend of site, program, people, and budget. Every building also has a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

By conducting a Facility Assessment, new solutions emerge from the process. This will help your Facility Management Team to raise the level of cleaning, health, & safety for the cleaning staff and building occupants while at the same time maximizing efficiencies and lowering ongoing cleaning and maintenance costs.

Benefits of reviewing your cleaning program are:

  • Savings on cleaning and maintenance costs

  • Healthier workplace

  • increase in productivity

  • Lower absenteeism & decrease in turnover

  • Increased employee morale & safety

  • Reduction in paper waste & chemical usage

  • Energy & Water Savings

Cleaning Programs

Your Facility Management Team can establish what type of cleaning program is desired by evaluating the facility and researching the various types of cleaning programs. For example, Green Cleaning; Day Cleaning; Team Cleaning; or Zone Cleaning are a few to consider. Look around your facility and determine what program will be most beneficial and make the most sense for the situation.

Take an inventory of products and equipment and determine what needs to be eliminated and what can be added when the budget allows.  The right chemical, cleaning tool and equipment can reduce the amount of time to clean and possibly save on cost to clean.

Custodial Staff

Determine the scope of work necessary for your facility by considering the number of custodians and square feet to be cleaned.  Documenting the tasks to be completed will help to ensure that the work gets done.  Having a guideline to follow will help the custodial staff become more efficient.  Having a process in place for auditing the facility will make the custodians accountable to the job that they do.  Training is the most important part of a cleaning program.  Thorough training on safety, proper procedures and equipment/product use is needed for a successful program.

Using the information gathered during the assessment, a plan can be formulated to improve upon the current cleaning program.  The new plan can impact the bottom line in addition to establishing an effective and efficient cleaning program.




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