Save Orders

The tutorial will show you how to save items in cart so you can place the order at a later date.



1. Add all the items you wish to save into your cart then go to the CART PAGE. Click on Save Order.



2. The next page will display what items were saved.


3. Take note that a successful save will show your cart now has 0 items. It is ok to log out now and continue shopping later.


4. When you are ready to continue with the order, login and go to Saved Orders


5. Select the saved order by clicking on the date

6. On the next page at the bottom click on Place Saved Order.

7. This will put the the saved items into your cart - ready for checkout.



A. The customer has the ability to save multiple carts. Just make sure that after clicking on SAVE ORDER, the cart icon is empty indicating the items have been saved.


B .This is what it looks like with several orders on the SAVED ORDERS page:


C. Saved orders are per instance. After items have been checked out they will not be in the saved orders page unless they are saved again. Think of it like borrowing a book from the library, you can only check out what you check in.