Kelsan offers a wide variety of can liners for use in your facility.  They are available in a variety of colors, sizes and types.  Our dependable can liners are manufactured with both low and high density resins.

Linear Low Density (LLD) are used for rough or sharp objects under tough transport conditions. These bags are very strong and are more resistant to tearing, but handle lower load capacities than Hi–D bags.  Suggested LLD applications:

  • Sticks, rough yard trimmings, glass
  • Metal w/sharp edges
  • Plastic eating utensils, food with rough edges

Hi Density Bags (Hi-D) are used for paper and non-rough objects under moderate transport conditions. These bags are very strong and handle higher load capacities than LLD bags, but tear easier once punctured. Suggested Hi-D applications:

  • Paper–plates, cups, towels, office     
  • Grass, rags, smooth heavy objects     
  • Cans w/out sharp edges, food without sharp edges


Download Sakit Trash Liner document (PDF)