How to Quickly Find then Add Items to Cart from the Wishlist, My Items page or the Quick Order page

Tip 1:
When on the Wishlist (my Items) page and after selecting a list. Set the Per Page view to 100:

Next, click on Product Code once or twice to order the products by item number (or SKU) alphanumerically. You can also sort by Description, Stock, List price or Your price by clicking on the appropriate table header.

By sorting it to what fits your selection best, you can quickly find the item and then click on Add to Cart.


Tip 2:

On the Wishlist or My Items page after selecting a list, you can type the name, description or item number on the Search Wishlist field and it will narrow down the items on the selection to add to cart:

Tip 3:

On the Quick Order Page, start typing the item number, name or description on the Keyword search box to narrow the item:


Tip 4:

The Upload An Order feature found on the Quick Order Page can speed up adding items to cart if you have a list on a spreadsheet. Review the file upload instructions and template here at