12/20oz. Blue Blend Mop, Head Screw Type CE TB

LF36120 MFG #: 36120
Layflat Regular Screw-Type Cut-End Cotton Wet Mop Head
  • Description
Special Features of Layflat Floating head efficiency -- with Layflat screw type mops, the handle can be partially unscrewed from the mop head. This allows the head to be free floating as opposed to the rigid, heavy handled, conventional systems. Cleaning professionals readily appreciate the ease with which these heads float across the surface. Clean and quick, the Layflat screw-type mop is a contamination fighter. The step-on method is four times faster than changing conventional mop/handles. There is no need to ever touch the contaminated head with your hands. Quality yarns -- Layflat screw-type mop heads are available in graduated sizes and four different yarn types. All Layflat brand yarns are Grade 1, specifically produced to stringent standards. our uniformity of quality allows for specific standards to be written around our products. This assures your continued equity in our products. Sized by the ounce, Layflat brand screw-type mops are guaranteed to within 1/2 ounce. As compared to the typical numbered conventional mop, we supply 20 percent more absorbency and 20 percent more efficient labor. No-tangle option -- feature a sewn band across the bottom of the mop. Provides for greater control with less tangling, longer life an loose strings. This feature is a must for machine washing. grade 1 yarn for high tensile strength/durability; has natural color and great absorbancy; cotton synthetic blend mop goes from the bag to the bucket with no break-in period available with or without no-tangle band (no-tangle band recommended for laundering) available in blue - hides the dirt making this ideal to protect public image