10/50 12x17 SaniWorks® TopLine® Guest Towels

  • Description

Replace hand towels and linen napkins with our soft, absorbent and disposable SaniWorks® Topline® Guest Towels

Napkins are an essential part of the restaurant and hospitality business. They are important not just from a practical perspective but from a guest experience aspect as well.

Key Features

  • Highly absorbent and soft, our TopLine® array of guest towels are ideal for dining needs and a stylish alternative to restroom paper towels/hand towels

  • 1/6 fold linen-like guest towels come in a selection of 2 absorbent, cloth-like materials, Airlaid or DRC, for a soft and sanitary alternative to cloth towels

  • Elegant disposable guest towels are clean and don’t spread germs.


  • Restroom hand towel
  • Table settings
  • Lap napkin