8/125 Dixie Ultra® Heavy-Weight Paper Bowl

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  • Description

Dixie Ultra® bowls are an ideal disposable solution to serve creamy soups, messy chili, and decadent desserts.

Moisture resistance, grease resistance, dry and wet rigidity make Dixie Ultra bowls a strong ally. A unique multi-layer design is responsible for the remarkable inner strength of Dixie Ultra bowls. Multiple layers combine forces to stand up to the heaviest, messiest foods you serve.

  • SOAK-PROOF SHIELD™ helps keep moisture and grease from seeping through
  • HEAVY WEIGHT and EXTRA STRONG these quality paper serving bowls have a unique structure and multi-layer coatings and are designed for strength
  • MICROWAVE safe
  • IDEAL for soup, chili, ice cream and more
  • COMPACT low-stacking shape saves storage space versus molded fiber and foam bowls
  • IDEAL for soup, chili, ice cream and more
  • FEATURES an upscale product design, Pathways® which is based on nature's beauty