10/20 5"x11.25" Laundry-Free™ Premira® II Tight Quarters Microfiber Pads

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Made from our advanced microfiber material, Laundry-Free™ Premira® II Tight Quarters Mop pads are conveniently sized for hard to clean, confined spaces. The 5” x 11.25” pads, when paired with ZeroGravity™ Tight Quarters mop frame, allows for easy, efficient and ergonomic cleaning and disinfecting. Designed to navigate curves and corners found in patient bathrooms, labs, employee locker rooms, showers and other confined spaces, Laundry-Free™ Premira® II Tight Quarters Mop offers maximum cleaning power with a minimal footprint.


• Compatible with common disinfectants like quats, peroxides and bleaches.

• Eliminates risk of contamination from laundries, lint, organic material,etc.

• New pad each time simplifies quality control and inventory issues along with reducing cross-contamination risk.

• Reduces strain and improves surface coverage when cleaning or disinfecting areas in smaller, tighter spaces that require mopping.