20" Premium African Feather Duster

IMP4630 MFG #: 4630
Premium Ostrich Feather Duster
  • Description
Feather dusters are ideal for irregular surfaces, small spaces and for dusting between and around delicate items. Fine, soft ostrich feathers are the best choice for dusters and have the most surface area to grab dust particles. Feather dusters hold dust and brush it off items, which is why it is important to work from the top down when cleaning in a room. perfect for general cleaning of irregular surfaces genuine ostrich feathers feathers are a natural product; feather length and color may vary safe for more delicate surfaces (trophies, china, fragile collectibles); light dusting needs "with the touch of a feather" 100% mature gray or black Drap ostrich feathers; hand color may vary from light, natural to darker, varnished wood premium dusters have more fibers per feather, resulting in better collection and holding of dust