Kindest Kare® Advanced Antimicrobial Handwash, 12/1L

STR62-6787 MFG #: 62-6787
  • Description

Kindest Kare Antimicrobial Handwash is a Triclosan alternative antimicrobial handwash for the healthcare environment.

  • Tested in accordance with both the 1994 and 2015 FDA proposed clinical methods for Healthcare Personnel Handwash
  • Mild Handwash containing 0.70% Benzalkonium chloride designed for frequent hand washing by healthcare workers in all healthcare settings.
  • Fragrance – Free and Dye – Free to minimize the likelihood of any adverse allergic reactions
  • Proven to eliminate 99.999% of Acinetobacter baumanni, CRE, MRSA, VRE and in 15 seconds (modified time kill in vitro data)*
  • Liquid Handwash

Where to Use: Ideal for use in all healthcare settings where an antimicrobial handwash is needed.