ProTeam Super Coach Pro 10, 10 qt. Backpack Vacuum (107303) w/ Xover Multi-Surface Telescoping Wand Tool Kit (107100)

proSuperCoachPro10 MFG #: 107303
  • Description

The powerful Super Coach Pro 10 offers the utmost quality you expect from a backpack vacuum while boasting these essential features:

  • Freedom of Movement - FlexFit articulating harness is responsive to the motion of the user's shoulders, back and hips - increasing comfort and reducing fatigue.
  • Triangular Shape - Conforms to the back for a closer fit - reduces accidental contact with walls and doorways.
  • Stay Cooler - Open weave harness allows any heat to dissipate.
  • Productive - Cleans carpets and hard surfaces without stirring up dust.
  • Easy Filter Bag Change - Quick-release, die cast latches improve filter compartment seal.