MPWR 40V Cordless Backpack Vacuum

SO-TTI-CH93619 MFG #: CH93619
  • Description

Increase your productivity by vacuuming more in less time with the MPWR cordless backpack vacuum. The MPWR uses a 40V 6AH li-Ion battery that uses M-PWR™ technology to provide the vacuum with up to 49 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning at peak performance and will charge in about 60 minutes. Keep on cleaning by simply swapping out the battery effortlessly, quickly, and without need to remove the backpack from your back.

This vacuum is great for areas with constant traffic due to its lack of a cord and the tripping hazard the cord can create. Additionally, this model features a Hush™ mode that reduces the noise down to 67.5 dB for less disruption around other individuals. Switch on boost mode when you need that extra power to vacuum up more stubborn dirt. The ergonomic harness is designed to be lightweight so users can easily maneuver while also reducing fatigue while cleaning. HEPA media filtration helps traps 99.97% of the dirt, dust, and pollen all the way down to 0.3 microns to improve the air quality as you vacuum. Hexaguard™ technology with activated carbon absorbs odor to improve overall air freshness around you.