Blue Clean 12" Surface Cleaner w/ Tank

WET-PW41581 MFG #: PW41581
  • Description

Clean with confidence with the PW41581 deluxe 12-inch patio cleaner. Built for superior cleaning on stairs, patios, garages, walkways, and decks. This ultra-light weight design is easy to maneuver, but constructed for performance, with the capability to withstand up to 2,500 psi. This bundle features two, built-in, oscillating cleaning jets to easily cuts through tough dirt and grime. This cleaner is extremely user friendly.

  • Cleaning Ability: The PW41581 patio cleaner is built with two oscillating jets that cut through dirt and grime, while distributing the cleaning area.
  • Includes: 15” extension lance, M22 transfer adapter, and built-in detergent tank. These accessories help to extend your cleaning, as well as make your patio cleaner universal to most electric pressure washers.
  • Specifications: The PW41581 patio cleaner has a max psi rating of 2,500 psi. The patio cleaner is constructed with a bayonet connection. The PW41581 can also clean flat surfaces up to 15 times faster than normal pressure washing for the two washer jets.