Trusted Clean 'Dura 17' Electric Auto Scrubber w/ 17" Pad

  • Description

The Trusted Clean ‘Dura 17’ Electric Auto Scrubber with Pad Driver is an affordable, easy-to-use yet powerful floor scrubber. Anyone can use the ‘Dura 17’ to clean and sanitize ANY grimy flooring surface, FAST! With fingertip accessible controls the ‘Dura 17’ is simple to operate (no tediously steep learning curve with this model) and maneuver even in cramped environments due to its compact design. Unlimited running time enabled by a 65’ safety power cord is a great convenience in areas with 120-volt outlet availability. For locations without electrical access or where power cord use is undesirable, check out our battery powered machine options, like our ‘Dura 20B’ auto scrubber.

The ‘Dura 17’ comes standard with:

  • Pad Driver w/ Center Lock
  • Brush Skirt
  • Squeegee Assembly
  • 65' Power Cord