Advance Pacesetter™ 17HD Floor Machine - 17" (with pad driver)

adv-1330A MFG #: 01330a
  • Description


 Ergonomic molded handle that protects the user's hands during operation along walls and around corners.

 A red safety-lock switch allows the operator to easily control when the machine goes into operation.

 An easy-to-use compression style lever changes the height adjustment of the handle for all operators.

 Pad holders are standard on the Pacesetter™, and the yellow, super-flex cord offers ease in cord handling and reduced tangling.

 A clear plastic hospital plug allows the operator to verify the electrical integrity of the connection at each use of the machine.

 Dual capacitors provide an extra burst of power to the machine when needed for start-up or during operation, without overloading the electrical circuits in the facility.

 Large non-marking rear wheels make transporting easy.