50# Extra Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner

SO-MXM06050046 MFG #: 060500-46
  • Inventory Type: Special Order
  • Description

This product is a powerful combination of heavy-duty detergents that provides thorough cleaning of grease, oil, and other heavy soils from concrete and tile walls and floors. This free-rinsing product can be used on most surfaces not harmed by water in garages, meat packing plants, poultry plants, food processing plants of all types, industrial plants, and institutions.

Degreases concrete & tile in:
> Garages and fuel stations
> Meat packing / food processing facilities
> Manufacturing and industrial plants 

Color: Orange
Fragrance: Pine
pH Range: (1%) 12.0 – 12.5
Dilution: 4 – 8 oz/gal