2/2L Oasis Pro™ Morning Breeze Room Refresher

EC6101978 MFG #: 6101978
  • Description

A higher level of freshness for a higher quality stay. Neutralizes odors while providing a pleasant, subtle, clean scent. Higher standards for happier guests. Concentrated formula, exceeding industry standards for fragrance materials, is dispensed through Oasis or Oasis Pro Systems into a spray-and-go solution. Morning Breeze fragrance, fresh aloe infused with a touch of garden herbs and crisp green apples with a zesty splash of citrus. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Room Refreshers use IFRA (International Fragrance Association) compliant fragrances to limit potential for skin sensitization.
    • Neutralizes odors and conveys cleanliness
    • Variety of fragrances with broad appeal
    • Variable and adjustable intensity options
    • Responsible formulations


  • Neutralize odors in guest areas while providing a pleasant and subtle, yet lasting clean scent
  • Can be used with the Fogmaster Jr.