2/2L Oasis Pro™ Room Refresher Clean Escape

EC6101974 MFG #: 6101974
  • Inventory Type: Special Order
  • Description

Oasis Pro™ Room Refreshers are heavy duty air fresheners and deodorizers specially formulated with long-lasting ingredients to provide odor control for hours when used as directed under normal circumstances. The Clean Escape scent has clear crystal waters infused with the essence of fresh aloe, calming black tea leaf, warm musk, and a touch of sparkling bergamot orange.

Features and Benefits:

  • Room Refreshers use IFRA (International Fragrance Association) compliant fragrances to limit potential for skin sensitization.
    • Neutralizes odors and conveys cleanliness
    • Variety of fragrances with broad appeal
    • Variable and adjustable intensity options
    • Responsible formulations


  • Neutralize odors in guest areas while providing a pleasant and subtle, yet lasting clean scent
  • Can be used with the Fogmaster Jr.