Diversey™ RTU Red Juice Stain Remover - 6/32oz

JWX5002540 MFG #: 95002540
  • Inventory Type: Special Order
  • Description

Works on tough food and beverage stains, including fruit punch, red wine, fruit juice and red soft drinks. Can be used for cold or hot transfer stain removal. Colorless with a mild scent.

  • Effective on red drinks (wine, punch, fruit)
  • Effective on greasy food (butter, oil, sale dressing, mayonnaise)
  • Effective on gravy, ice cream, mustard
  • Effective on chocolate
  • Not WoolSafe

Applications - 

  • For use as carpet cleaner.
  • For use as carpet stain remover.
  • Can be used to remove red juice from carpets.